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nicole e. lively

Photographer | Multimedia Designer

Peg-legs. Tapeworms. Funeral clowns. These are elements I do not include in my craft... yet. As a professional, I work largely with photography and graphic design, and often branch into adjacent fields.


I studied my heart out at both San Diego Mesa College and San Diego State University, where I exercised a great amount of flexibility in the many areas covered in each multimedia program. Additionally, I studied photography and photojournalism at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, raking in credits 
toward an Associate and a Bachelor degree in Multimedia Design. 


Since graduating in 2019, I now live in New Zealand, working as a freelance designer. In addition to photography and graphic design, I've worked with sequential media, audio production, 3D animation, 
and video production & editing.

I am currently available for hire and collaborations, in New Zealand and abroad. Cheers!

nicole lively face


Questions or comments? Interested in working with me? I would love to hear from you!

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