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conceptual photography




Exercises in portraying how I see the world, and often how I see myself. I may be the first photographer ever to approach the craft this way. JK JK.



Homage to awesome photographers and artists who have not only inspired me, but straight up defined my view and application of photography.



Finding and exposing humor, tragedy, or injustice in our society, and perhaps examining how it all could change.

American Suburbs:  Hardship and Struggle

This mini-series aims to depict a "bad day" in the American suburbs. Yes, life is hard, and to be brutally honest, we're all born to die, but ask yourself: what defines a bad day? Look, I'll admit if I dropped and broke a dozen eggs, I would kick myself for days. So, although I like to think I'm an expert on misery, I also encourage myself to realize my privilege, opportunity and good fortune. That's what this set of photos is about. Sometimes a person's idea of tragedy is really just comedy.

Color Equivalents: An Ode to Martin Parr

At its foundation, this series is a study of color in photography.

One of my favorite artists is photographic satirist, Martin Parr. I developed an admiration-- no, adoration-- for his work when a professor of mine at SDSU noted a similarity in my work with his. I've been inspired, and quite frankly, obsessed ever since. Looking at Parr's approach, I have come to consider and examine color photography in a different light (half-intended photography pun there). Also because of Parr, I have discovered the beauty of directional humor in photography. 

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