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portrait photography

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In my work, I really enjoy and often lean towards environmental portraits. I don't mean people out in the wilderness. I mean I like shooting folks in their own environment, for example, in their homes or in the workplace. I like to capture people in their familiar spaces. Environmental portraiture often reveals personal, authentic stories about the subject that can be absent in studio or otherwise staged photography. I'm attracted to the authentic, the shameless, and the gritty. I favor the bona fides. 

But that's not all. I am delighted to craft a mood or message in portraits without the use of accessories or environmental garnishes. Sometimes all you need is a facial expression to get your point across. And sometimes a portrait doesn't warrant a smile. And sometimes a portrait doesn't even need a face. Sometimes portraits go beyond the human species (the cat's out of the bag, I love photographing animals). As a photographer, I try to explore and reach beyond the boring templates of standard portraiture.



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