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Hoefler: The ARCHER Showcase


These spreads were designed to examine and celebrate Jonathan Hoefler's "Archer" typeface.  This is an exercise in typography and layout, and each design in this hand-made leporello structure focuses on one of the following objectives:

1) Type as an image

2) Showcasing the font in its entirety

3) A designed quote from Hoefler

4) Classification comparison

5) Colophon design 


bauhaus: 1919—1928 | A celebration at moma





The focus of this typographic series was to explore and create designs based on the 1938 Bauhaus exhibit at New York's Museum of Modern Art.
Of the five sets, each design includes the same text and information. However, as the series progresses, the following typographic differences gradually occur:

1) Variation in Univers 10pt Book, 10pt Bold, and 10pt Oblique

2) Variation in scale

3) Variation in axis

4) Addition of graphic elements

5) Addition of images.


All type is restricted to the Univers font family (excluding images with preexisting type.